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You need a grammy.

the animation was really good but the song was eargrading

i've seen enough hentai to know what happens afterwards

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not awful,but it was easy,the art was,well,kind of bad,not horrible though. it was obvious you stole some music but,overall, it was a nice time waster,but nothing I'd write home about,you should consider trying to make a game on a much grander scale,this feels like it was slapped together in a month or two.

PrincessNinjato responds:

I already have a 2nd version in the works, After I made a mess of animations and gameplay styles to get a feel of the new stuff I made I made this quicky but plan to show off the flying, swimming, running and jumping WITH attacking all in the next one.

Also I tend to use video game musics in a lot of my games until I get the swing of making my own music.

Eu amo a música MNS, os gráficos, tudo

(traduzido via Traduz Google)

not bad but lacks anything to make it stand out,and is very,well uninteresting,I find 20 other games on newgrounds like this.but,there's nothing particularly WRONG with it,i like the controls,it's not that buggy,the music sounds less like a fun nes tune and more like a freeware msx-2 game,but,with all of this in mind,i assume that your a student,if you are,in that case,pursue this farther,i can only imagine what you could make with big team,and a budget,and a year as opposed to a month.

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a little off with the instruments

awsome!the song is called ballad of captain mozzerella.me neither,

TheNGVirus responds:

thanks man! got a lil fact for ya: it's called Requiem in the arcade version, but Ballad on the PC Engine/TG16

calm and catchy,picks up a bit later on yet remains calm


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